Western Esoterism vs. Eastern European Esoterism

Western and Eastern esoterism refers to the wide range in cultures and religious beliefs found in both countries. If you live and work in a large city, then you likely have encountered a number of different cultures at work. That’s because people from Europe and beyond are coming to the United States to live and work. Many of the countries jobs that are in demand are being filled by foreigners. For example, there is a shortage in this country for registered nurses. There are many foreign students who come to the states to learn Read the rest of this entry »

Why Esoterism and the Teachings of Muhammad Can Blend

Interfaith dialogue can be hard. This is especially true for spiritual traditions that might seem to have little in common. But, as the old saying goes, appearances can be deceiving.

Take, for example, Islam and New Age spirituality. You might expect these two traditions to have little or even nothing in common. Islam is often viewed as a stern, patriarchal tradition, while New Age practices are seen as loose, liberal and ungrounded. But what if there were a branch of Islam that existed in the space between those two stereotypes? What if that branch were Read the rest of this entry »

How Esoterism and Judaism Can Coincide With Each Other

Esoterism and Judaism can coincide with each other in several ways. Judaism is an incredibly old religion but Esoterism has also been practiced for a long time. Belief in Judaism is belief in an all-powerful deity named Yahweh who created man in a mere week. Esoterism, on the other hand, is a very fluid term that can apply to many different belief systems. At its core, Esoterism simply represents ideas that are of a rare interest. Astrology and Alchemy are just a few examples of esoteric Read the rest of this entry »

How Esoterism and Christianity Can Parallel Each Other

While some see Esoterism and Christianity as the antithesis of one another, nothing is further from the truth. If you dig down deep into the roots of the Christian faith, you’ll find a deep focus on inner knowing or gnosis. The difference lies in the faithful believing in themselves or relying completely on a book. Both are two sides of the same coin, Esoterism relating to the inner and Christianity relating to the outer. Neither invalidate the other.

While Christianity focuses on salvation and the afterlife, Esoterism focuses on spiritual liberation and enlightenment for the now. Read the rest of this entry »

How Esoterism and Buddhism Can Work Together

There are so many different New Age solutions out there right now which serve to keep our bodies and minds healthy well into the twilight of our lives. It is important to understand what Esoterism can do for you before deciding whether or not to incorporate the practices into your daily routine. There are a lot of New Age methodologies involved, including meditation and other forms of spiritual healing, which is why Esoteric activities also seem to work pretty well with all sorts of different people, including Buddhists. Just make sure to do your homework before deciding Read the rest of this entry »

Healing Through Esoterism Philosophy and Methodology

Many people are out there right now seeking modern alternatives to heal their minds and souls. While there are quite a few new-age methods readily available to people who are seeking enlightenment, it is important to know just what you need and how you want to go about it. There are different methodologies available for different people to match their unique situation and it is important to know exactly what each of these mean for Read the rest of this entry »

Esoterism and Clairvoyance Together in Philosophy

Esoterism and Clairvoyance together in Philosophy combine knowledge using interpretations established through thought association. The mind’s approach is to translate these thoughts using a form of communication in search of meanings for the images preceived. Esoterism searches for the inner secrets of humanity, while clairvoyance consists of energies that move between what we know as physical and non-physical beliefs. Both practices are built on energies levels or planes which have differences from one person to another. Depending on the person’s willingness to believe beyond physical boundaries, each experience may vary. Philosophy uses Read the rest of this entry »

Expanding Your Circle

If we learned anything watching “Mean Girls” on our directtv packages it’s that there’s a place for everyone when it comes to socializing. If you’re part of a group you think may be getting cliquish, we’ve got some suggestions for broadening your horizons.
Do Something New: Part of the reason you’re feeling homogenous is that you’re likely stuck in a rut. Hit up a new bar or go see a show Read the rest of this entry »

Understanding the Methodology Behind Modern Esoterism.

Modern esoterism brilliantly combines different schools of thought to obtain a more holistic view of the human experience. It takes a scientific approach and applies psychology combined with religion and spirituality. These modalities all have common themes that when applied to modern perceptions can open our awareness of life beyond what we see with the naked eye.

Science in particular plays a key role in identifying new aspects of existence that have not been understood by modern man. Cosmology, quantum physics, noetic sciences and paranormal studies are all areas of science that in the past hundred years Read the rest of this entry »

Beyond Esoterism: Looking Out from the Inner Circle

Esoterism is one of the greatest things to happen to mankind. After all, having solid beliefs to share with others and feeling as if one is a part of the bigger group gives many people a sense of belonging. Esoterism brings people together and this is a good thing, but too many people in the modern world ignore the simple fact that their culture is not the only one out there! It is only when people decide to look out from their inner Read the rest of this entry »